Changing Multiple Products at once in ShopSite

Ever have the need to change or review something for all your products in an easy way?  With ShopSite you can do this.  What you want to do is to download your products, save the file, then open it in Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet program.

To download your products, go to ShopSite > Utilities
> ShopSite Database > Database Download > Products > Download.

Format: use the top radio button, most recent version

Download Fields:
to create a backup of all your products, use all.  To change or review something specific, click on the selected fields only button and select just the fields you want to see.  Always keep the SKU as it is a key field when you re-upload your changes.

Download Options: download data to your browser.

Download File Name:
give it a file name that makes sense. Save to your computer.

Open your file in spreadsheet program.  Make changes, then you can upload the same way.  Need help with the upload, let us know.  ALWAYS make a backup of your store before you upload just in case!

Article Name
How To Change Multiple Products at once in ShopSite
Learn how to change multiple products at once in ShopSite.