How to add a Product to ShopSite

If you already have a store with products in it … here is the easiest way to add additional products if you want to add them one at a time:


  1. Create your images for your product.  Have these ready.  Create them at the highest size/resolution you need them online.  Upload them to ShopSite by going to Images.
  2. Images > click the directory you want  them in > upload images.
  3. If you need multiple sizes of images and use  different sizes, click on the button to create resized images > click proceed

Create the product:

  1. login to ShopSite, go to Products
  2. find a product that is very similar to the one you want to add, click on Copy
  3. Put in a product name and SKU > Save

Edit the new product:

  1. Go to the new product,  click on the product name to edit it.
  2. Change all fields necessary.  Be sure to review them all.
  3. Fields that copy over blank that you need to add something to:
    1. file name – be sure to give your product a descriptive file name, no unusual characters, just alpha numeric with hyphens, end with .html or .htm.
    2. product on pages – click this button to add your product to store pages
  4. Save
  5. publish
  6. MAKE SURE to verify your product is correct, view it in your store and add it to the cart to be sure it works as expected.

Quotes in Meta Tags

So, you are seeing strange results on you webpage … your meta description is showing on the page and it shouldn’t … what gives?  Maybe you recently added tags to your site and now those are showing on the page and shouldn’t … what is going on?

A common issue that can cause text to show up on your website that you don’t want is the use of quotes.  Let us look at the meta description tag.  It commonly looks like this:

<meta name=”description” content=”Here is my description for Google SEO.  I sure hope Google finds me!”>

Now let’s say you have a quote in the content of your tag, like this:

<meta name=”description” content=”Blue Ball.  10″ diameter. $4.50.”>

This will cause a problem with the meta tag because the quote after diameter actually closes the quote after the content=.  Herein lies the problem.  So we really want a quote as it means inches in this case.  What can we do?

Use the HTML code for quote:  &quot; .  Yes, this looks strange, but it will solve your problem.  Your meta tag should now look like this:

<meta name=”description” content=”Blue Ball.  10&quot;  diameter. $4.50.”>

Have tons of products in a spreadsheet … do a find and replace on the column that needs it.

Use this method in ALL your meta tags to stop any unforeseen problems.  :O)