Welcome American Military Swords to PSL Designs!

Meet our newest client, American Military Swords! This was really a challenging site as it was still running with Microsoft FrontPage. We have brought it into the current century and the world of responsive design.

Learned a lot of things I didn’t know about military products and how few sites there are out there selling them. From ceremonial swords to uniform accessories, this site has a lot! Many great gifts for the military person in your life.

Oh, and don’t forget those Military Honor Guards, they have products for them too!

Visit our new site, American Military Swords

Just in time for Christmas!

Just in time for Christmas, a rebuild of RussellRhodes.com, Personalized Christmas Ornaments! They’ve been our customer for years and needed a refresh.

Be sure to check them out … they have personalized ornaments for everyone and for just about every reason, new family member (human or furry), vacation memory, new job, graduation … it goes on and on.

Be sure to use one of their coupons at the top of the page — pick the one that saves you the most money.


Shop Russell Rhodes for Personalized Christmas Ornaments!

Welcome Nola’s Iris Gardens!

Our newest site, Nola’s Iris Garden was fun to rebuild! Learned a lot about Irises and had such beautiful images to look at while building.

Nolas Iris Garden - Over 1,000 Bearded Iris Plants for Sale
Nola’s Iris Garden

Their site hadn’t been updated since the early 2000’s and a lot has changed since then! They are now mobile friendly and have all the background code for search engines and social media.

Still have a little bit of work to do like change them over to a domain that makes a bit more sense — never did ask them where “walking-p-bar.com” came from. And as we know, a website is never really done. :O)

Check out Nola’s Iris Garden and since it is spring, get yourself some beautiful flowers while you are there. Their store is up and running with over a 1,000 types of Irises for purchase. And if you are ever in the San Jose, CA area, you can visit the gardens as they grow these beauties on their own property.

Download or Delete Products in ShopSite

Occasionally you may have the need to download and/or delete a set of products. Maybe you want to download the products to a spreadsheet so you can edit them and then reupload. Maybe you want to remove them from the store but there is the potential for putting them back. Here is how you can accomplish this task.

Let’s say you need to get products by brand. Of course, change the search to anything you can search by to get all the products you need.

To download all the products, in ShopSite do the following:
Go to Products
Search by Brand, contains [brand name]
Right below it in a link, click on “select all [number] matching products”
Click the image for download (down arrow)
Make sure the “all fields” is selected
Give it a file name that makes sense, save it with a .txt extension

This will save it to your computer. You can then open it in excel and save it as an excel file.

This, however, does NOT save your pictures. If you need them, you want to download (ftp) them to your local computer or leave them on the server.

To delete the products, in ShopSite do the following:
Click the gear for “settings”
Scroll down to product deletion and check if you are deleting the product images. If it is checked, make sure to get the images before you delete the products. If unchecked, the images will remain in the media directory. NOTE: because of space limitations, I recommend saving the images locally so that you can delete them from the store and have this box checked.
Save changes (if you made any)
Go to Products
Search by Brand, contains [brand name]
Right below it in a link, click on “select all [number] matching products”
Click the trash can
Click yes to delete
Publish site

That’s it, your products will be deleted, but you will have a spreadsheet copy of them.

Certified ShopSite Designer & Developer!

We are happy to announce we have received our certification for Design and Development of sites using ShopSite, our favorite shopping cart!

We have been designing and developing sites using ShopSite for years, but just never applied for certification.  And we passed with flying colors.

Check out our portfolio page to see some of the sites we’ve designed/developed.  In need of a shopping cart, let us get you started.

ShopSite certified developer
ShopSite certified developer

ShopSite Certified Designer
ShopSite Certified Designer

Welcome back Nelle and Lizzy!

PSL Designs would like to welcome back Nelle & Lizzy, Personalized, Hand-Stamped Jewelry.  All redesigned and ready to go, check out their new site:  www.nelleandlizzy.com .

Personalized Jewelry by Nelle and Lizzy
Nelle and Lizzy is sparkling new!

This user friendly site has a great product personalization tool and is of course mobile friendly.

Need a Valentines Day Gift?  This would be a great time to checkout Nelle and Lizzy and get some bling for the special loved ones in your life.

Be sure to let us know what you think of their site!  :O)

January Promotions at a Stationery site!

One of my customers, www.janicesinvites.com,  is having a great sale. Check out these specials!

Janices Invites Personalized Stationery
Janices Invites Personalized Stationery

Check out these 3 January Promo Code Specials and take
advantage of double discounts!


1. Boatman Geller Foldover Notes/Thank You Notes: Additional 20% off our already reduced 25% off retail!


Stock up on all you stationery now! Personalized with name or initials. Great for thank you notes from kids, miss you notes from mom, and any time you just need to keep in touch!



2. Valentines Day Cards, Invites, Stickers and Plates: Additional 25% off our already reduced  25% off retail!


Great selection of cards for the elementary student classmate handout. Personalize with the students name. Stickers to put on those Valentine goodies and treat bags. Great for you teachers to hand out to your students! Photocards to send to relatives from the kids. Valentines Day plates to give as gifts or use to share treats.

Valentines Day Stationery

3. Boatman Geller Letterpress Products: 25% off, this line is normally NOT discounted!


This line lets you design your own stationery … add an icon, two colors of printing, solid or pattern envelope liners, ribbons. Can be sophisticated or casual, design as you wish. Great for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings,  Moving Announcements, Baby Announcements, Invitations, Thank You Notes, anything you need. And we  are also discounting matching napkins and cups so you can get everything for your party!

Boatman Geller Letterpress Stationery


Where Have I Been?

Haven’t fallen off the planet … been a crazy few months.  With the Google announcement of wanting every site to be “mobile friendly”, many clients felt it was time to do just that.  Some sites have gotten a complete rebuild, some are now mobile friendly.  :O)

My most recent rebuild was www.janicesinvites.com.  This was a fun one as I was able to use a lot of ShopSite’s new features and templates.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

Janices Invites Personalized Stationery & Gifts
Janices Invites Personalized Stationery & Gifts

Preparing for the Holidays

It is getting to be that time again.  Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.  Is your website ready?

Are you ready?
Are you ready?

Checkout every aspect of a purchase … make a purchase yourself on your own site using a computer and a mobile device.  If possible have a friend do it with you in the room so you can really see where there might be problems.  Be sure to clean up everything possible and streamline the buying process.  If the site lags, see if you can clean up what is causing the slow down.  Be sure to check the order confirmation page and email the customer gets.  These are often overlooked by manufacturers.

Once you are sure everything is working as it should it is time to get ready for your cyber Monday incentives. Decide what type of special you want to have.  See what your competitors are doing.  Perhaps free shipping or buy so many get one free.  You should try to make this a “better” sale than something you normally have.  It is also a good way to clear out inventory if you have a lot of a certain product.  Speaking of inventory, be sure you have enough of what you are offering to keep customers happy.

It is also a good idea to advertise that you will have a Cyber Monday special.  Create a banner for your home page and be sure to post it to your facebook, twitter and blog.  You don’t have to give complete details, just enough to get your customers interested.  Then on the Sunday before, you can send out a blast of what the special will be.

Setup your special and TEST IT ahead of time!  Make sure it works before you go live with it.  Nothing worse than having a bunch of potential sales fall through and upsetting customers because something wasn’t setup correctly.

If you are having any other holiday promotions, now is the time to get them ready.  Create all your banners, coupon codes etc… to have them all ready during your busiest time.  The more prep work you do, the calmer the time can be.