Attaching Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

A new feature of Google analytics is that you can now enable webmaster tools data within analytics. This data will then be available in your Search Engine Optimization reports in Analytics.

To set it up, you need to have both a webmasters tools account and an analytics account.  If you are one of our clients, just let us know you want them attached and we’ll do it for you.  To do it yourself,  click on Search Engine Optimization reports and follow the instructions.

Directly from google:

How to use Webmaster Tools data within Analytics

Webmaster Tools provides data about what users see in Google search results before they decide to click to your site (or some other site). You can use this data to identify opportunities and prioritize development effort to increase the number of visitors to your site. Examples:

  • Identify  landing pages on your site that have good clickthrough rates (CTR), but have poor average positions in search results. These could be pages that people want to see, but have trouble finding.
  • Identify search queries (keywords) for which your site has good average positions, but poor click through rates. These are queries for which your pages get attention and improved content could lead to more visitors.

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Article Name
Attaching Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics
Google webmaster tools and google analytics can now be attached. You should do this to see what users see in google search results before they decide to click to your site.

2 Replies to “Attaching Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics”

  1. This is a great article.
    I need to find the search words to help my web site be stronger.

    The only question I have is do we still need a lot of text on our sites for the search engines?
    Many of my clients are saying my site is too wordy and hard to navigate.

    Thank you,

    1. Great question. YES, google wants to read well written, relevent text. But, of course, you need to keep your customers happy too! Have a couple valued customers tell you want the dislike about the navigation and what pages are too wordy. Perhaps taking some of the info and creating different pages. Example … put videos on a media page and just link to that page. Same with testimonials. This can shorten up your page(s) greatly. :O)

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