Extra Handling Charge in ShopSite

There are a couple different ways to add extra handling charges to the shipping calculation in ShopSite.  You first need to decide if you want these handling charges on a per unit basis or per order.

Handling Charge per unit (product): 

Login to ShopSite.  Go to products and select  any products you want to add handling for, click edit product info. Scroll down to the Shipping and Download Information section, it is called Extra Handling Charge.  Put in a dollar value here.

HINT:  If you are going to do it for every product, it is easy … Select all products by clicking on List All products then select the 1st, hold down the shift key and select the last to get them all.  Click on PowerEdit.  Under the Information column, pick Extra Handling Charge (only pick this).  Click the global radio button then proceed.  Add the $ amount.  Click save changes, publish.

You can also do it as an upload by creating a spreadsheet with the SKU and the handling charge.  Then upload this information at Utilities > Database > Upload  > Products.

Handling charge per Order:

Login to ShopSite.  Go to Commerce > Shipping.  Scroll down to the handling charges section.  Click the box to enable, then put in the value you want added to each order.  You may turn off handling charges if the subtotal of the order is over a certain amount.  Fill in this field if applicable.  If you are unsure how to use the calculation formula, click ShopSite’s help in the upper right hand corner for more information.