Pinterest Gifts Feed and ShopSite

Pinterest Gifts Feed
Pinterest Gifts Feed

What is the Pinterest Gifts Feed?  Taken directly from the Pinterest site:

“We know people love to use Pinterest for shopping ideas, which is why we’ve created a new Gifts feed of all the different things you could buy.

The work-in-progress feed lives with our regular categories but it’s special because it only shows Product Pins. Product Pins show extra details like pricing, availability and where to buy right on the Pin so Pinners can decide which products are right for them.

So far, we’ve learned that Product Pins get higher click-through rates than regular Pins and make your brand more visible because of the logo on the Pin.  Pinners also get email notifications when Product Pins they’ve saved drop in price.

The Gifts feed also includes a few price filters so you can find something for every budget. $$$$ means the price is greater than $200, $$$ means the price is between $50-$200, $$ means the price is from $25 to $50 and $ is anything less than that.”

Certainly seems like something any seller would want to include with their products.

How do you do it?

PInterest requires you to have what they call “rich pins”.  Check out their developer page for more on this.  ShopSite makes it easy.  Using ShopSite’s custom templates, you can add the information to the head section of the product page and ShopSite will fill in the info for you that is required.  Keep your custom template clean by creating an “include” file that holds this information.  Then wrap product specific ShopSite tags with open graphic tags.  You then have to verify you have done this correctly with pinterest.

Oh, and an extra benefit … Google will also read this information and it will help them in displaying your pages in searches.  :O)

Happy pinning!