Google Fonts Available for Web Design

In the olden days, there were only about 7 websafe fonts.  This was because in order for a visitor to your site to see the font you used on your site, it had to reside on the device they were using.  Thanks to google fonts, there is a free option to let you pick from hundreds of fonts.  The fonts are stored with google so you don’t need to have it and neither does the visitor.

Any drawbacks … afraid so.  This may slow your site down slightly.  Check google analytics ( ) to see how quickly your site downloads before you change it and then check it again after to be sure it isn’t a huge drain.

If your site is using a style sheet, the change to a new font is easy!  If it does not, then it may take a little longer to incorporate the change, but shouldn’t be too bad.  If this is something you wish to do to change the look of your site, just let us know.