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Shopping Cart Tips

There area many things to consider when it comes to picking a shopping cart.  Ask yourself the following questions . . .
  1. How many products do you have?
  2. Do you want to be able to edit the products yourself (and not depend on a designer)?
  3. Do you want to accept credit cards online?
  4. Do you have a budget?

ShopSite® Shopping Cart

There are many shopping carts out there, we have our favorites.  We have tried others, but have found these work best for most situations. 

(disclosure: as an affiliate,we receive a small commission if you signup for services via one of the links below)

ShopSite is a great shopping cart for those do-it-yourselfers who want to be able to put products on sale, use coupons, edit content of products without your designer.  Don't get me wrong, you will probably want a web designer to set up the store for you, but once set up, YOU will be able to many things on your own -- and you don't have to know HTML code.  ShopSite certified DeveloperShopSite certified Designer

And, we are a certified ShopSite Designer AND Developer! What does that mean for you? We have direct contact with ShopSite should there be any issues developing you ShopSite store or maintaining it.

ShopSite comes in three sizes, starter (less than 15 products), manager and pro.  Be sure to check out the many features to see which size is right for you.  And while you are at their site, take a test drive!  Shopsite gives you the opportunity to test their product for yourself.  Again, don't worry about the setup of your store, that is what we are for, but play with the products and pages to see how it works.  They also have a great help if you get stuck! You can check out their hosting prices too!

ShopSite attaches to many financial institutions and gateways and if you are on a budget.  TIP:   PayPal for Checkout.  It's a great way to save money and work with Shopsite!

ShopSite is for medium to large budgets and should be packaged with your hosting.  We can help with that.

We have set up many ShopSite stores, here are just a few: (Pro) (Pro) (Pro) (Pro)

Ejunkie, PayPal and WordPress

To sell products with these carts all you have to do is to add the link that their software generates to your website. The cart and checkout process is hosted on their servers. You are basically just linking to them. You can take credit cards, paypal, or google wallet payments. You can even sell downloadable products.

These carts are best for small numbers of products.

Sites we've developed (customer maintains):

Shopping Cart Matrix

  # of Products Editable Credit Cards Budget
Cart < 15 15 - 99 >99 Yes No Yes No Small Med Large
ShopSite Starter x     x   x     x  
ShopSite Manger   x x x   x     x x
ShopSite Pro   x x x   x     x x
x     x   x   x    

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