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1. Development
  • Designing Site - What is the sites purpose?
  • Design Logo(s)& pick colors
  • Determine use of forms,, e-commerce, video, feeds, social media, blog

2. Hosting
  • Owning your own URL (
  • Recommendation on hosting company
  • Picking a hosting plan
3. Maintenance
  • Submission to Search Engines
  • Updates to the site
  • Email Newsletters
  • Setting up site with free Google products (analytics, search console, webmaster tools)
  • Google Adwords (pay per click)
  • Pinterest rich pins & promoted pins


Need  Hosting?  We've recommend the following company:
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lexiconn hosting

1.  Development

Planning the site begins with the answer to a very important question -- What is the sites purpose?  It may provide a service, market and sell your products, assist current customers, or all three.  It is important to have an objective in mind BEFORE you begin.  During the Planning phase we will determine the size of the site and any special features that may be needed such as shopping cart, product previewer, blog etc.  We will also determine the use of animated graphics (similar to small movies or commercials), video RSS feeds and which social networking tools you'd like to use: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus.

Will you need a shopping cart?  If so what kind of cart will fit your needs?  Do you plan on maintaining the products, do you want to offer discounts, coupons and customer registration?  These are all things we will discuss in this phase of planning.  We can give you advice on which cart is best for your business.

The next step will be the design.  The color scheme will be chosen as well as logo design.  Of course, no need to reinvent the wheel, if you have a current logo, we can certainly use it.  Don't have one, we'll be happy to create one for you.  Placement of navigational tools will be decided as well as the buttons, bullets, headers and lines.  We will completely customize your site.   A sample page will be developed to give you a feel for how your site will look.

Now for the content.  While you put the words together, we will create any animated images you may need as well as begin work on any custom programming elements.  The content can come in the form of  Word Documents, Text Files, PowerPoint Presentations, and even just plain e-mails.   The more you type, the less we have to so it saves you money. If you currently have a site and want to continue to use the content on some of the pages, just let us know and we can get the information for you.


2.  Hosting

Although we do not host sites on our own equipment, we can recommend reliable hosting services.  By reliability we mean that they are available 24/7, they do maintenance only in the late evening, and they rarely if ever are down.  We also look for companies that have multiple features, for example, blogs, bulletin boards, , have site traffic statistics, email including webmail and  have ecommerce options, and most importantly, great customer support. There is nothing worse than having a problem with the site or your email and being unable to contact your hosting company.

These are a few of the companies we currently use:
(disclosure: as an affiliate,we receive a small commission if you signup for services via one of the links below)

This is the time you will need to decide if you wish to purchase your own Domain name, i.e.  Although not required, it is a very good idea.  If you don't have it, someone else will and you may unknowingly send customers to them.  We can research what is the best name for you and arrange the purchase of the name, however, have no fear, it WILL be owned by you.  Find out if your name is available HERE .

Do you need a shopping cart?  This can be a complicated decision but we will help you make the right choice.  Here are some helpful tips.



3.  Maintenance

Your site is up and running.  Looks great, but we are not done yet.  Visitors need to be able to find your site.  Although you may advertise you web address, the best way to attract new visitors is through search engines.  You will need to submit your site to as many as possible.  We can provide this service for you as well as keeping a watchful eye on your rankings within the engines.  You will need to provide us with a title, description and keywords for your site.  We can help. 

Once is never enough, give your customers a reason to come back. To do this, you need to update regularly providing something "new" to look at.  Changes do not have to be major, new products, new services, or maybe monthly helpful hints are all it takes to keep viewers coming back.  Social media can help ... consider using facebook, twitter, and linked in to keep your customers engaged and coming back.

Newsletters are a great way to keep customers aware of new products, features and a great incentive to get them to return to your site.  We can generate email newsletters, send them out for you, and have the unsubscribe at the bottom to keep things above board.  You can choose from a simple mostly text version, to a colorful HTML version.  We can recommend a reliable company to help you with maintaining you newsletter lists.

Have a shopping cart? How many customer are adding products but not checking out - called abandoned cart? This is a great thing to know! We partner with a great company, . But putting some code on your site, you can send the abandoned cart customer an email letting them know they still have time to purchase what is in their cart and you can send them a coupon too if you wish.

Have your site generate some dough!  Using Google AdSense -- these are the ads you see to the left, you can place ads relevant to your topic on your site and when visitors click on them, it earns you $$.  Just sit back and let the money roll in!

Need to show your customers/clients your schedule.  Use Google's Calendar feature.  Update online, watch your updates appear on your website . . . like magic!

We will get you setup with all google tools ... search console (formerly webmaster tools), analytics, merchant center and adwords.

And finally, to see the success of you site, we need to "track" how many visitors come to your site and what pages are most popular.  We can also provide you with information on what search engines brought them there. Google Analytics are a great way to keep track of how your site is doing . . . who is looking at it, for how long and how they got there.  And best of all, it's free!  We'll teach you how to use it!

Time to get started!


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