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NOTE: some sites may not be linked below due to customers' request as they have very strict linking strategies.
Feel free to copy their doman name into your browser to visit them.

Views expressed on sites we design are not necessarily our views, but are those of our clients.

Ceremonial Military Swords
American Military Swords

Redesigned & Updated (from Microsoft FrontPage) in 2019 to a fully mobile responsive site

Russell Rhodes Christmas Ornaments
Online store with responsive
design and many custom addons

christmas ornaments
client since 2012, redesign 2019 ~

Nola's Iris Garden
Specializing in German Bearded Iris Plants
Online store with responsive design

bearded iris farm
redesigned spring 2019 -

Bana Tea Company
Tea Leaves and accessories for the Tea Connoisseur

Bana Tea Company
Redesigned 2018 ~

HomeSpace Discount Furnishings
Everything for your home

responsive design for mobile

HomeSpace Discount Furnishings
Live June 2018 ~


Nelle & Lizzy
Personalized Handstamped Jewelry
custom previewer tool

personalized hand stamped jewelry
Redesigned Sept 2016 ~

Party Favor Source
Personalized Party Favors and Gifts
specializing in weddings

personalized party favors and gifts
Live August, 2016 ~

Carey & Paul Group
Event & Entertainment Planning & Rentals

responsive design for mobile

Carey & Paul Event Planning
live February 2015 ~

Small Fry Press
Stationery and personalized gifts store
responsive design for mobile

personalized stationery
client since 2007, rebuilt Nov 2014 ~

Nelle and Lizzy
Personalized, Stamped Jewelry
Online Store
with responsive design for mobile and product designer / previewer

Personalized Stamped Jewelry
client since 2010, screenshots available of old site
see redesigned site 2016

Richard Paul
Speaker for school assemblies,
businessesand family events

with reponsive design for mobile

no bully speaker
client since 2006, rebuilt site 2014 ~

Beckley Design Studio
Interior Design Company

Interior Designs
became a client 02/2014 ~

Wedding Favor Source
Online Wedding Supply Store

wedding favors
client since 2012 - screenshots available of this design
now called Party Favor Source

Kids Art From the Heart
Charity Art Site

art from the heart
client since 2007 ~

Anabaptist Christian Site

client since 2010, client maintains site

Funny Puppet Guy
Ventriloquist, Speaker, Presenter

ventriloquist richard paul
client since 2006 ~

Rosco the Clown Michigan's Hometown Clown
Performer for fairs, carnivals and other events

rosco the clown
client since 2012 ~

Address to Impress
Personalized stationery with
product designer / previewer

Personalized Stationery
client since 2011 ~

Christian Counseling Center

True North Christian Counseling Center
client since 2011 ~

Previewer Monkey
product designer & previewer

stationery previewer
client since 2010 ~

Tickled Pink Events
Wedding Planner

client since 2009

The CJ Shaw Fund
Donation site for child with cancer

donation site
done as a volunteer 2008

Training by Richard Paul
Informational Speaker Site

motivational speaker richard paul
client since 2006 -

Small Fry Press
Stationery and personalized gifts store

personalized stationery
client since 2007, rebuilt 2014

Designs no longer live - screen shots available upon request
If interested, Inquire about purchase of design


USA School Assembly Shows
Eugene Clark Entertainer

out of business 2021

school assembly shows

Entertainment by Tim
Informational Performer Site

out of business Nov 2021

Irritable Mother
Self-Help Book and Speaker for Women
out of business April 2021

Emily Baker Design
Interior Designer

responsive design for mobile
out of business 2021

Emily Baker Design

The Right Resume
Resume Preparation
out of business Oct 2019

Janices Invites Personalized Stationery
specializing in custom calligraphy

redesigned 2015, out of business April 2021

custom calligraphy by Janies Invites
client since 2008

Janices Invites
Personalized Stationery & Gifts

out of business April 2021

newly designed website janices invites
redesign from May 2015

Feed Your Brain
Speaker and Author on Brain Health
out of business Aug 2019

Click here to return to the Feed Your Brain Institute home page.  Alzheimer’s, parenting, Stress management, Alzheimer’s disease, relaxation, k-12 education, Nutrition fact, Nutrition food, Motivational speaker, Health nutrition, Nutrition information, Diet & nutrition, Child nutrition, Memory loss, keynote speaker, Productivity, Fast food nutrition, Brain food, Short-term memory loss, Brain-based learning, Christian speaker, Teacher professional development, Brain memory, Stress management tip, Health educator, Michigan, students

Wall Art with store

2010 - 2019 - no longer sells online

Wall Art by Lexmodern

Russell Rhodes Christmas Ornaments
Redesigned 2019 - old design

christmas ornaments

Christmas Ornament
Christmas Ornament Store

2012 - 2019 - merged with another

christmas ornaments

Glass Ornament
Glass Ornament Online Store

2012 - 2019 - merged with another

glass christmas ornaments

Family Christmas
Personalized Christmas Ornament Store
2012 - 2019 - merged with another

family christmas ornaments

Babys First Christmas Ornament
Baby's First Ornament Online Store
responsive design for mobile
2012 - 2019 - merged with another

babys first christmas ornament store

Debra Valencia Store
Personalized Stationery & Gifts

responsive design for mobile
2015 to 2019 - no longer sells online

Debra Valencia personalized stationery and gifts

Annabelle's Creations Customized Stationery
Password Protected Logon for Retailers
2006 - 2018 out of business

annabelles creations stationery

Still Sew Crazy
Personalized Baby & Pet Blankets
responsive design for mobile

Feb 2016 - 2018 Out of Business

personalized baby blankets and pet blankets

Photographer in New Jersey
Tracey Cunningham Photography

client since 2007, just uses wordpress now

Professional Photographer in New Jersey

Mothering Moms, Inc
Peggy Kline, speaker and author

Mothering Moms, Inc.
(client since 2005, customer maintains)

Christmas Ornaments
List of Ornaments & Sites

2012-2018 out of business

christmas ornament shops

Always Invited Events
Party Event Planning

2010-2018 - out of business

Christmas Gift Article Site
2011 - 2017
no longer used

Christmas Gifts

Momager Club
Motivational Blog
2009 - 2017 out of business

momager club

Always Invited Stationery and Gifts
Informational site with quote form

2007 - 2018

always invited stationery
Stationery ordered through a form

2007 - 2018

Glass Ornaments
Ornament Information and Links
2012 - 2017 out of business

Glass Ornaments Shops - Information and Links

Gracie and Co
Stationery Manufacturer
2010 - 2017: no longer does stationery

Gracie and Co Stationery Manufacturer and Online Store

Block Out Bullying
Password Protected Fundraiser Site

2012 - 2016 out of business

blockout bullying

Online Stationery Store

2009 - 2017 Owner Retired

Kids Christmas
Kids Ornament Store

2012-2015 (out of business)

personalized kids ornaments

Paper & Plants Unlimited
Personalized Stationery and Gifts

2011-2017, out of business

Paper and Plants Unlimited

Babys First
Informational Baby Product Site


babys first

Lists of Christmas Ornaments

2012 - 2017, out of business

Ornament Listing Site

Excel Shark - Wordpress blog
did design, out of business 2017

Excel Shark
client since 2011

Holiday Ornament Store
client since 2012, out of business 1/2017
screenshots available

radko christmas ornaments

RPA Entertainment
event planner and entertainment for hire

entertainment for hire
client since 2006, out of business 2016

07/2013 - 11/2014
Specialty Flooring
Flooring installation & DIY videos

Decoupage Floors

Mimossa Studio
Hand-Painted Glassware
Online Store

2011 - 2015 (out of business)

H.E.L.P Therapies Inc
In Home Speech and Language Therapy

out of business 2015

HELP Therapies Inc
client since 2010

The Good Life Gift Boutique
designed, customer never went live

High Scale Gifts from The Good Life

The Human Factor
Leadership Coach

client 2009, out of business

06/2012 - 2014
Articles on Ornaments & Decorations

Holiday Ornaments and Christmas Decorations

03/2012 - 01/2015
Sports Ornaments store

sports ornaments


12/2011- 01 2015

Christmas Ornament store

Christmas Ornaments

Baby Invitation Shop
in progress - customer put on hold

Baby Invitation Shop

Idesign Paper Stationery Store
with Stationery Previewer (out of business 2013)

Idesign Paper Custom Stationery

Pen at Hand
Redesign In Progress
- customer put on hold

Pen at Hand - The Original Stick Figure Company

ETC Jewlery Shop Online Jewelry Store
just redesign of look not cart

ETC Jewelry - Hand Stamped Jewelry

Simon Sez I'm Allergic
(built but never went live, available for purchase)

Simon Sez I'm Allergic Products with Purpose

2000- 2014 CEO Image Systems
Software Manufacturer for Electronic Document Management

Start Finder

Corporate Recruiter

Start Finder Corporate Recruiters

Julia D Azar
Stationery Manufacturer with store
& stationery previewer

Stationery by Julia D Azar

Julia D Azar holiday themes

Stationery by Julia D Azar

Go Workout Fitness Center

Go Workout Fitness Center

Cravings Eats & Treats
New York Sandwich Shop

Mrs Polka Dot

Stationery & Gifts

Mrs Polka Dot Stationery

9/2009 Briarcliff Manor
Educational Foundation
(designed, customer maintains)

Authentic Coaching & Leadership Coach
Two blogs, video

Simply Papers Shop
Online Stationery Store

 Renovated 01/2009 (live 06/2007)
Invitation Stationery Alliance
Stationery Manufacturers with member database

Navens Notables
screen shots available upon request

Creative Invitations Stationery Store
with Previewer by Out of the Box

A Stationery Shoppe
Informational Stationery Site

CPD Designs
Personalized Stationery

Abby Lulu
Stationery Manufacturer

2007 - 2013
Faux Fur Blankets, Scarves & Accessories

faux fur blankets

Professional Electrical Consulting

The Life Balance Chick Motivational Speaker

I'm Inkpressed Stationery
Custom stationery - 2006

Custom Jewelry

Brooklyns Bag
online stationery store

Baby Blankets, Beanies, Diaper bags

Stationery manufacturer

Faux Fur Blankets & Personalized Stationery

Molly's Paperie
Stationery Store - Simple home page only

Bibs, Burp Cloths, & Belts

The Parenting Coach
Includes an online survey

02/2007 ARTC Gifts
Personalized Mosaic Gifts

Magician & Entertainer for
Schools, Parks & Rec, Libraries and Private Parties

Peggy Kline
Speaker for Women

Shop Personally Yours
Personalized Products  - ShopSite Shopping Cart

Kathleen's Bake Shop
Information about Store

Great Stuff Gifts
Affiliate Links to Personalized Products store
burp cloths, baby blankets & pet blankets

personalized baby blankets

The Brakemen
Music Group

Christine & Jon
Musical Group

Center for Peak Performance
Professional speaker, trainer and therapist

Personalized Stationery and Gifts

RHL Tech Financial Services Firm
Forms and PowerPoint Presentations

Computer Scanning Software 
Flash overview of product and online store

Eagle Business Solutions
computer support and sales

Eagle: (11100 bytes)

Oh Baby Ultrasound Imaging
Pre-Birth Imaging

Have since gone out of business, but you can check out what it looked like.

Jon Milan

Gallimore Elementary School Built in 1999

Plymouth-Canton School District's 1st website

gallimore elementary school 

Gallimore Summercise
School Summer Program from 2002

House for Sale
Was used live - has since sold


References available upon request

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