3D Ultrasound Images

Meet your baby before the birth!   Image it.  Pictures of your baby before it is born.  You will see your baby's face and we will capture the image for you, creating a bond much stronger than ever before imagined. 


Create before-birth memories for expectant relatives - a must for out of town grandparents! 


This first picture (your 3D ultrasound image) of your child will be available to you on DVD, CD, or as a photo in an attractive frame or page one of a gorgeous baby album.


Beautiful 3D images and live 4D video clips are produced through a non-diagnostic ultrasound using our state-of-the-art equipment.  Not vague, grainy shapes of shadow and light, but real photo-like pictures. 


How to find us?  We are located at 6708 Orchard Lake Road (south of Maple Road) in the West Bloomfield Plaza, West Bloomfield, Michigan.  Send questions to


For Missy Bean, 38, of Huntington Woods, the experience was not only exciting, but relieving. Seeing Annabel helped alleviate some of her typical third-trimester concerns, she said. It also helped Bean's two children bond with their yet-to-be-born sister.

"The coolest part is the CD," she said. "My husband, kids and I watch it every night."

as reported on the front page of the
Detroit Free Press May 2004


Feel free to drop in during business hours to check us out and pick up information!


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